Excitement, Anxiety, Fear

Those three words pretty much sum up what the past few months have been like for me.  I’ve managed to feel all those emotions simultaneously and individually, basically it’s been a roller coaster ride and it’s about to get real.  Let me start from the beginning so you all know what I’m rambling on about, so here goes.

PART ONE: We Bought a House

John and I started a house hunt last February, very exciting times for us (honestly for those of you that know us well it seemed like we would ever buy a house).  We managed to snag ourselves a winner in Ann Arbor, close to work and downtown…SCORE! The excitement of home ownership set in and we went to work making the house our home.  We remodeled the kitchen, bought new furniture, painted, hung stuff on the walls, you get the picture.  It was great I was loving every second of the process (well sort of, the kitchen remodel was a little stressful).  So a few months later John drops the news…TOYOTA WANTS TO SEND US TO JAPAN.  Say What?! So as a side note, most people who know me well know that I have a sense of wanderlust, I’m never satisfied with where I’m at and literally cannot get through one vacation before planning the next.  So why would I be so shocked, or upset, or anxious, or scared, or you get the point. Honestly, it’s a good question.  I was very surprised by my feelings and even half considered not going; however, John has supported me through thick and thin, in college and after.  It’s my turn to return the favor and be there for him and lets face it, what an amazing opportunity it is for both of us.  We don’t have kids, yes we have a house, but things have a way of working themselves out.  Basically, this is an adventure that I’ve always told John I wanted, so why be scared now…YOLO right? So that brings me to…

PART TWO: Kids, We Are Moving to Japan

So friends we are hitting the road and moving ourselves to the other side of the world.  I should also share that our cats, Sergeant and General will also be making the move (poor buddies have no idea what is happening).  Right now we are in the fun phase of waiting.  Waiting for paperwork, waiting for our Japanese lessons to start, waiting, waiting, waiting.  I’m super inpatient and a planner so this has been difficult.  I know that next month things will start to get real.  We are moving at the end of April and John will be starting work in May.  Lots of exciting things are headed our way and it’s crazy to even think about, but life’s an adventure and we are definitely ready to start this chapter.  After almost a decade together and a awkward conversation on lane 9 at Busch’s, to start the relationship off, I never saw John and I here, but here we are and we couldn’t be more excited!  So hang tight my friends there is definitely more to come.

In the mean time here are some photos of our cats at the vet…more on that in another post.  Moving your pet to a rabies free country, that is no joke!

They are pissed...
They are pissed…


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  1. Dawn Barton says:

    Loved your blog Nicole!!!! What an opportunity and adventure! You will not regret it! Love you both! Brad and I plan to vacation in Denver to take care of Lesley and Ryan’s “kids” so they can visit you and John in Japan once you’re settled and comfortable!!

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