Home Sweet Home in Japan

This blog post will be short and sweet, but I wanted to share a little about our home here in Japan.  Our apartment is the fourth place John and I have lived together since we moved in with each other FIVE years ago! Man, where did that time go? However, it seems that for the past two years we have lived in a different place each year, our Japan apartment being our third.  First, we made the choice to move out of our first place together in Northville to Ann Arbor.  We had a cute little apartment in A2, but we were definitely ready to buy a house, which is exactly what we did.  Except no sooner did we sign the paperwork, Toyota decided they wanted to send us to Japan.  Of course that’s the funny thing about life, and sometimes you just have to go with the flow, even if that means leaving your newly purchased home only a year after moving in.  But even though I miss our house in the Ann Arbor, home is where ever John is and for me it’s easy to make whatever space we are living in work for us.  Which is exactly what I did with our apartment in Nagoya.

We were given a few moving options when our relocation package came through and decided to do a full air shipment and half sea.  We tend to know how the other one operates and figured that we would end up with way more stuff to bring home if we didn’t have a sea shipment to send it in.  Also, because of that we were able to bring some of our furniture, which at the end of the day it is nice to have some American touches in our very Japanese apartment.  Everyday we are becoming more and more accustom to Japan, but sometimes it’s nice to come home to the comforts of our homeland.  Which includes our American sized bed, couch, and Tv.  I think as time goes on we will fill this place with more things Japanese, but for the time being it’s our own little space and what John fondly refers to as our second home, which happens to be international! How many 20 sometimes can say they have two homes?  😉

John and I have been blessed in many ways and I feel lucky to have made so many different memories in each place we have lived together.  Our home in Japan is no different from that.  So enjoy the photos of our little place in the world.

“Home is where the anchor drops, where the heart is, and wherever I’m with you”






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