Cherry Blossoms (桜), Blooming Sakura, & Hanami (お花見): Spring Japan Style


Cherry blossom season is finally upon us here in Nihon.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting this time because well when you think of Japan often times sakura or cherry blossoms come to mind.  Since this is likely our only cherry blossom season (as we are schedule to return stateside the end of Jan, 2018) I’ve been trying to take every chance to enjoy these beautiful little flowers.  Unfortunately, for us it’s been a late bloom year and there is some rain expected in the next few days.  Meaning the little flowers will probably all be washed away.

Despite this John and I were able to enjoy the perks of cherry blossom season in Japan through a few hanami parties.  This is definitely up there on my list of “things I love about Japan”.  Hanami translates to “cherry blossom viewing” and usually involves a picnic under the trees with plenty of food and drinks.  Basically, the perfect time for people to enjoy nature with friends, family, and a bottle of sake…or two 😉

Just your typical Tuesday here in my little housewife world.  Popping’ bottle’s in the park, Real Housewives of Toyota style

Here are a few photos from the parties I went to.  The first is Higashiyama Botanical Gardens, second Tsurumai Park (this is probably the most popular viewing site in Nagoya), and last a park in Toyota City.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot of blooming going on there, but fun was still had all around.  Oh and the best part about Hanami are the little pink lanterns that are hung under the trees and lit up at night.  Everything glows pink and it’s pretty incredible to see.

Warning many flower pictures ahead! 



Japan takes cherry blossom season very seriously and even has a forecast of when these precious little flowers will bloom.  sakura1Which is actually extremely helpful if you are an avid cherry blossom hunter, and trust me when I say there are many people like that.  Check out these pictures of people and their giant cameras, just to get a snap of these beautiful little flowers.  In all seriousness it is amazing to me that people love this time of year so much that they stop and take the time to really appreciate it.  DSC_0472DSC_0474

Although, our cherry blossom season wasn’t the best it was still pretty great to get a flavor of spring in Japan and how much this country appreciates it’s own beauty.  Even I have to admit that getting out there and enjoying nature underneath some pretty flowers is pretty amazing!


Until next time! じゃまた🌸

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