My Deer Friend: A Day Trip to Nara奈良市

One of the top places I’ve been wanting to visit in Japan is Nara.  Nara is infamous for the bowing deer and of course a boat load of temples, since it sits in the shadows of Kyoto.  Mainly, I wanted to go for the deer.  The animal lover in me just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hang with Bambi all day.

We’ve legitimately been trying to go to Nara the entire time we’ve been here in Japan.  It’s like stupid close to Kyoto, but every time we’ve been too wore out from walking about Kyoto all day that we just say “next time”.  Well “next time” is starting to become non-existent in our lives, since we really only have a few full weekends left in Nagoya.  So I made John get out of bed on a Saturday morning and we hopped on the Shinkansen (for likely the last time…que the waterworks) and finally made our way to Nara.

Friends! It was so worth the visit and such a leisurely little day.  There was no rush to see as many temples as possible like in our travels to Kyoto, we just casually made our way around, fed some deer, and visited a few temples.  It was legit one of my favorite days in Japan.

A sidetone: I recently realized that I’ve blogged about every season in Japan, with the exception of Autumn.  Not sure how I missed that, but this blog can serve as my autumn in Japan blog.   One of the most popular places to visit during the fall is Kyoto, for the leaves, the temples, it’s pretty gorgeous and Japan has the fall game locked down solid.  In fact if you can swing it, I totally recommend a visit to Japan in mid to late November.  It’s the best time of year in this country because the weather isn’t super hot, just comfortable.

Even though we made this trip the first week of December, the leaves were still in full swing and completely gorgeous.

Anywho, take a look at our antics in deer land and of course some pics of the beautiful autumn leaves!


Trying my best to get a dang selfie with this deer…John thought it was funny to capture this moment…
He wasn’t about it…
I tried…

Just a short and sweet post that I’ve been meaning to put out there.  I can’t believe our adventures will soon be coming to an end.  It’s all starting to happen so quickly and I’m not quite ready for it.  Maybe more on that in another post.

In the mean time look out for my future posts about our upcoming travels to Thailand and Malaysia!

Until next time! じゃまた!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    That’s some good pictures you got of the deer! I love Nara as well, glad you made it there.


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